The Workshop

In year 2002 the agency was founded with the reason to build up a trade office with international standards for FTC Club. After a successful begin (Westel, NIKE, Axa) the work was closed due to changed circumstances.


The bridge:

From year 2003 our main assignment is to bridge the gap between the business marketing strategy and sport partners as far as know-how, services and budget. The tasks covered strategy set-up, decision support, event management, sponsorship integration and controlling.


The interpreter:

It was quite close to us to share our know-how and experience to rights owners and universities.  Promotion of the market –based sponsorship is still our mission at conferences, lectures and other press forums.


The Workshop :

In year 2006 we decided to create the Szponzorációs Asztaltársaságot  (Sponsorship Workshop) involving several professional partners:

In the name of education we are the initiatives of Sponsor Workshops and International Sponsorship Conferences.


The Agency:

From year 2007 our business assignments are treated more and more complex way. The base task is completed by additional services in order to increase efficiency, like involving new colleagues and strategic partners.


The Present:

Based on our business philosophy we are ready to manage sport marketing and/or sponsorship projects as well as integrated partner or full service agency.  Furthermore business strategy planning and business orientated sponsorship project planning, project realization, maximalisation of existing contract, decision preparation are examples on our service palette.

For sport organizations we are ready to elaborate sales –orientated marketing plan, to fulfil operational tasks and active sponsor representation.


The Mission:

Beside our everyday  activity we are committed to promote the development of sponsorship culture in Hungary as well as to spread new solutions. In the name of education conferences, workshops, forums, wide consultations are organized by our initiation. We try to integrate Hungary into the international sports marketing and sport sponsoring system.

We believe in, we do for it, we want the success!