„Sport is beautiful, sport connects us, sport has positive message. Sport is the common language of people. „

„Sponsorship is business, the tool of marketing and efficient way to reach marketing goals. „

„ The sport marketing agency is a professional partner to heighten efficiency.”

Tibor CsifáriTibor Csifári  / owner – managing director - He worked at the Commercial department of Nemzeti Sport, the main daily sports paper for 13 years. 6 years as Commercial Director. Later, he became web director and managed the launch of the website of Ringier Kiadó Kft. During his work he gained valuable experience in the field of sponsorship in Hungary. He has experience in the field of events management, he was co-organiser from the media side of several events organised together with clients.

Fábián CserpesFábián Cserpes / owner – managing director - He worked as reporter and editor at Danubius Radio and RTL Klub for 7 years where he had the opportunity to get familiar with sports life from very closely. In the last decades he worked on establishing a new format for sponsorship appearances at the commercial units of various press, TV, radio. At Nemzeti Sport, he worked as Key Account Manager where with working with advertising agencies, he become involved and played an active role in the improvement of sponsorship business on the local market


Former colleagues:

Andrea Vass /  media expert

Tamás Varga /    merchandising-expert

Szabolcs Pánczél / project manager

Gyula Kovács / project manager

Péter Zsédely / project manager

Jr. Fábián Cserpes / project manager